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Just like the constant rain, the language ceases to sound so strange and turns into a unique background rövid távú lehetőség that accompanies you through marketplaces, long streets full of charming cafés and buildings soaked with history.

Its inhabitants, so warm and welcoming, start to shape as the characters of one of the most extraordinary stories I am ever going to live.

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Multiculturality weaves the essence of this city, and I am glad to be one more piece of this rich puzzle that is Budapest. Choosing to go live to a new country as a volunteer is, by all means, an adventure. There are going to be better and worse times for me during the next rövid távú lehetőség months, but right now, the only thing I know is that I am where I want to be and that I am willing to take the good and the bad and make the most out of it.

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Why democracy matters? Our fears unified us, and by staying at home to survive, we contributed to protecting those who dedicated their lives to help us. Post-COVID we came back to our regular life, we went out to walk, talk, jog, party, celebrate, etc.

EURHUF: rövid távú HUF erő?!

We went out in extraordinary shape because we became more understanding and inclusive. It did not matter where we did the activities we used to do, what mattered is that we remembered we are all humans, we are equal, and we deserve a better world.

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We pledge to be transparent, accountable, and we promise to take responsibility to end discrimination.

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